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Andrew and BreiAnne

About Life and Love in Alaska

Hi! Were Andrew and BreiAnne! We were given an amazing opportunity to live in Alaska and this is our Adventures together! -BreiAnne will be Helping Alaskans Sparkle! She is a dental hygienist and will be helping alaskans keep their teeth sparkling white! Shes also a jewelry lady with premier designs jewelry and will help them Sparkle with beautiful jewelry as well! BreiAnne loves photography, adventure, and spending time with her family and friends! -Andrew will be Helping Keep Alaskans Warm! Hes going to be working for a heating company as a service technician! Andrew loves exploring, fishing, movies, games, and spending time with his family and friends!


March 26th, 2014

It’s been such a long time!!! I’m so sorry I haven’t updated everyone recently!

Life here in Alaska has gotten a little crazy, this winter has been a mild one for us here in Kodiak.  Not much snow just lots of rain.  In January we had 28 straight days of rain… it started to get depressing about half way through… but we survived!

Just a couple weeks ago we went to Panama City, Panama with Brei’s parents we had a blast! Our first international travel experience was interesting but fun! More to come on the Panama trip… stay tuned.   I will give you the heads up I have over 2,000 pictures to edit so it may be a little while!

Also in the works, a new Photography Facebook Page for BreiAnne’s Family Photography… hoping to grow clientele soon! We’re also looking into a you tube page! Lots ahead…… stay tuned! Sorry for the delay!

Happy New Year!

January 27th, 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!  We can’t believe how quickly 2013 flew by… it’s crazy for us to believe we’ve been here for a full calendar year now! We had a great year here in Kodiak! Here’s a recap of 2013!

Aurora Borealis!

2013 March 1007

Orca Whales in the Harbor!

2013 March Orcas 001-001

Family Photos!

View More: http://sloanphotography.pass.us/breianne-barnes

Crab Fest!

2013 brei iphone 087


Summer 2013 403

Cody’s visit!

20130713-2013 08 Brei Iphone 80120130716-2013 08 Brei Iphone 828

More Hiking!


Shipwreck Beach!


Saltwater Fishing!


Rock Fishing!





Red Salmon Fishing!


Bears Bears Bears!

DSC_0003copywrite test

Silver Salmon Fishing!

20130917-Sept 2013 01220130925-Sept 2013 085

Brei Visits Lewiston!

20130920-Sept 2013 02820130920-Sept 2013 02520130921-Sept 2013 031

Anchorage Trip!


We had a Great 2013! Here’s to a wonderful 2014!

Happy Holidays!

January 27th, 2014

Sorry we’re a little behind on our blog… again…. oooppps!

Happy Happy Holidays everyone! Seems I missed Thanksgiving and Christmas posts… as well as Andrew Birthday post! Our holidays were pretty quiet here in Alaska, not a whole lot happening.

We had some friends over for Thanksgiving dinner, afterwards, Andrew and I ventured out to the Big Walmart Sales! We had  a blast shopping together pushing through the crowds at our local Walmart.  We got lots of neat things such as a new safe, big clock, chest, etc.  The day after Thanksgiving Andrew had to work, and since we only have a couple stores…. I felt I had to go shopping anyways… it is tradition!  So at 7am I stood in line at the local sporting goods store for a free gift card.  Afterwards, no other stores were open besides Walmart… so I went to Walmart again…. once it became time I headed to our favorite local furniture store, as they were having store wide discounts… and we needed a bookshelf.  I found a cute ladder bookshelf for games, etc in our living room.  After shopping for a bookshelf I headed home, there were no other stores to go to…. I had been to all of them.  It was a very strange feeling to only have shopped for about an hour and a half on Black Friday…. I was really missing shopping with my mom!

The very next day, Saturday after Thanksgiving, we moved.  Yes, you read that right, we moved, again!  About a month earlier we had a big decision to make…. Andrew had been doing some work on the side at some apartments for the owner… his apartment manager was moving out and he wanted Andrew to be his new apartment manager.  At first we thought oh there’s no way, you see he doesn’t allow dogs at all! He has a very strict pet policy…. Andrew told him we’d consider it, however, we have a dog and he’s not going anywhere.  A couple days later he called Andrew back and said he had to have him and that he’d make an acception for us to have a dog.  Now most would say…. no brainer, reduced rent a few side jobs you’re already doing…. why not go for it…. well that was all wonderful… except… the apartment.  The apartment is tiny!  We didn’t even think we’d be able to fit our furniture in the apartment….. Andrew thinks its 800 square feet… our apartment we were living in was about 1100 square feet.  I expressed my concerns as the apartment had about one bedroom and a “half bedroom” (in other words you can’t even fit a bed in it if you wanted to.)  So we talked to the owner/landlord and he told us he had a two story townhouse that would be available in May…. so we decided with the money we’d be saving we’d deal with the tiny apartment for a few months.  So we sold a lot of our things… dressers, guest bed, etc because we had no room.  Our living room furniture did fit… thank goodness!  And our favorite table did fit… we just had to take a leaf out and put 2 chairs in the extra bedroom.  It’s a tight squeeze and we can’t wait until May but we’ve made it home anyways.

Moving day was also Andrew’s Birthday! Why he wanted to move on his Birthday is beyond me… After moving all day he wanted to go to dinner and bowling with friends.  So we meant a group of friends at Powerhouse (sushi) Restaurant and went bowling afterwards.  This was the first time we’d been bowling in Kodiak and we had a great time.

Christmas! Wow I’m really behind!  For Christmas we got invited to Christmas Eve dinner at a family from the wards…. we had fun eating and chatting with them…. afterwards we headed to our friends the Pearces house for some more chatting with friends.  We then played Santa’s elves and delivered a drum set we had setup for one of our friends children.  Christmas was quiet at our house… believe it or not our dog woke us up early…. we opened the bedroom door and he ran out in the living room to his stocking and grabbed a treat out of it.  So we stayed up and opened presents.  We were blessed with many fun gifts.  Afterwards we headed to the Blacks house to work on the Prime Rib Andrew and Ryan were preparing for Christmas dinner.  We had Christmas dinner at the Pearce’s house with the Blacks and Tidwells… we had a prime rib, turkey, and a ham! It was a delicious meal! Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! DSC_0455DSC_0456DSC_0457


Officially Alaskans!

November 9th, 2013

One Year Ago Today we Arrived on Kodiak Island!

Three days prior we had travelled to Seattle and put everything we owned on barges, spent a day in a hotel with a dog, and flew an entire day… to land in Anchorage and find out our flight to Kodiak had been cancelled due to weather!  After waiting over an hour to get our luggage and our dog, we found a hotel and crashed for the night.  The next day we arrived bright and early at the airport to hopefully fly to Kodiak.  Once we arrived we were exhausted and scared…. having no bed was a struggle.  Thankfully that night we were able to get in touch with our new Bishop and borrow an air mattress, blankets, and pillows from him.

We can’t believe it’s been 1 year already! Time flies when you are having fun and that we are! Kodiak has been a wonderful experience for the both of us! Yes it is very difficult living so far away from family, however, we lean on each other for comfort and our friends have become our family here… we call them our Alaskan family! We have meant some of the nicest people living here and made some incredible friendships.  We’re so grateful for our experience to live on an island and learn new things daily! Kodiak truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth and we can’t wait for family and friends to visit us so we can show you how wonderful it is here! In answer to many questions…. we don’t know how long we will be here or where we will end up…. all we know is we’re living day by day and enjoying every minute we have with one another on this beautiful island!


Ward Halloween Party!

October 28th, 2013

Our ward Halloween Party was Friday! Andrew was in charge, as the ward missionaries were in charge of the ice cream party! It was a night full of ice cream and pumpkin curling!  All of the children and adults in our ward had a fun time playing pumpkin curling and Andrew was excited to introduce them to it! Special thanks to Denise for the helpful tips! What’d we dress up as, you ask?  Andrew was a super fit Superman and I was a super sparkly tooth fairy!

20131025-IMG_0085 20131025-IMG_0086

Happy Halloween from Kodiak!

Happy Birthday Brei!

October 28th, 2013

Well my Birthday was this weekend!  Andrew planned a small surprise party for me with our closest friends! It was fun to eat pizza and cake and enjoy each other’s company!  I’m so grateful for a loving husband and all he does for me! Special thanks to all who made my day special!

Anchorage Weekend!

October 28th, 2013

A couple weeks later we visited Anchorage for 4 days with some good friends of ours the Jensens.

Our first day in Anchorage we were able to visit the Anchorage Temple for the first time! It’s a very small but beautiful temple.  We had an enjoyable morning at the temple.

20131011-DSC_0001 20131011-DSC_0003 20131011-DSC_0005 20131011-DSC_0008 20131011-DSC_0009 20131011-DSC_0010 20131011-DSC_0013 20131011-DSC_0015

Also, while in Anchorage we made sure to eat at all the restaurants we knew we wouldn’t be able to eat at for several months, this included: Wendy’s, Olive Garden, Benihana, Qdoba, Moose’s Tooth, Arby’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Pizza Hut.  Aside from eating we also shopped until we dropped everyday! Anchorage has 2 malls!  We shopped at both, one has an ice rink inside is about 2 stories; while the other is 5 stories with the 5th level being the food court!  We were able to get several things we are not able to get without ordering here, as well as get some things accomplished…. such as getting new iphones while the warranty was still in effect! We even visited the World’s Largest Chocolate fountain! We had a blast and decided that we enjoy Anchorage, yes it’s a big city, but it doesn’t have the “Big City” feel to it!

20131012-IMG_0002 20131013-IMG_0014 20131013-IMG_0019 20131013-IMG_0037

Brei’s Visit to Lewiston!

October 28th, 2013

I went home to Lewiston for my mom, Georgia’s, birthday this year!  It was a short but wonderful trip! Leaving Kodiak on a Wednesday evening, arriving in Lewiston on Thursday morning, and leaving Lewiston for Kodiak early Monday morning! It was wonderful to see my parents and to visit my dad’s growing new business! I’m so proud of them and their accomplishments making this new auto parts business flourish.  They truly are incredible!

Friday evening we attended the Nez Perce County Fair.  My parents entered several dahlias for which they got several 1st and 2nd place ribbons, as well as Best in Show and Best in Class! It was so exciting to see how well their garden is continuing to grow!  We ran into several friends and family at the fair and it was great to see all of you as well, as we were crunched for time while I was visiting!20130920-Sept 2013 025


20130920-Sept 2013 028

Of course I visited with empty suitcases to get my shopping in for the year! Saturday was mom’s birthday, so for her birthday we headed to Spokane shopping for the entire day! It was so neat to spend the entire day with one of my best friends shopping, something I hadn’t gotten to do for almost a year!  In fact we shopped so much… my suitcases barely checked in under the 50lbs limit!20130924-Sept 2013 048

I’m so glad I got to visit home this summer and see how wonderful everyone is doing!  Even my parents dogs were happy to see me; Odie wouldn’t leave my side… following me around everywhere, including sleeping right next to me.  It was a short trip and yes I did cry when I boarded the airplane…. Lewiston will always hold a special place in my heart!

20130921-Sept 2013 031

Goodbye Scott’s Heating… Hello Andrew’s New Job!

October 28th, 2013

This summer Andrew came across an amazing opportunity to work as a maintenance mechanic at our hospital here, so he said goodbye to his first Kodiak job at Scott’s Heating.  Scott’s heating was a good job and he has many memories from his time working there.

Andrew is enjoying his new job as a maintenance mechanic and learning lots of new things.  The work environment is completely different than anything Andrew has ever done, and he enjoys every aspect.  His schedule is lighter and he’s learning new things daily.  Andrew feels he is helping make a significant difference in the lives of others, Afterall a hospital can’t run without lights, electricity, heating, etc.

Here’s to a new chapter in Andrew’s life!

Silver Fishing!

October 28th, 2013

At the end of August through the entire month of September we started river fishing for Silver Salmon!  Silvers are an absolute blast to catch! Every night after work we would grab a snack, jump in the car, and head out to the river fishing!  We had so much fun catching fish anywhere from 10-20 lbs in the rivers here! Silver salmon are true fighters, that’s what makes fishing for them so fun!  Once you have one on your line expect it to first run, then fight as you bring it in!  We had so much fun fishing every night to the point where it was relaxing after a long day of work!  Here’s some pictures of our silvers this year….. this is just a few.. we ended up catching 19 total fish this season!

20130917-Sept 2013 012

20130925-Sept 2013 085

20130916-Sept 2013 010


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